A range of fresh vegetable and herb salsas in which flavours are naturally preserved thanks to the coarse structure of the sauce.

What is salsa?

Salsa is generally made by mixing the cold ingredients slightly coarser into a dip, served with nachos and the like, or as a sauce to finish dishes. 

The best ingredients

At Deldiche, we always work with qualitative, fresh ingredients for our salsa. This way, we can create delicious dips that can be used to embellish any appetizer buffet or to finish your Mediterranean dishes.

Serving tips of Deldiche:

  • Mix some pasta with the Salsa Olivio verde, Pomamore natuur and some salmon or anchovies.
  • Rub the bottom and top of a bruschetta with half a clove of garlic and olive oil. Then spread some salsa on it.

The salsa assortment of Deldiche

Perfect with many Mediterranean dishes such as pasta, salads, nachos, ...