A selection of southern marinated vegetables. Innovative products such as Pomamore, Sweety Drops and different types of olives are abundantly present in Ridderheims’ range. Turn your cocktail party into a worldly snack festival!


It all started in the kitchen. "Ridderheims‘ delicacies" was founded by two friends, Christer Ridderheim and Peter Grönvall, in Christer's home kitchen. Driven by a great culinary interest, the duo began with canning food, which they then sold to shops in Gothenburg. Since its founding, Ridderheims has evolved into the largest, most important and innovating supplier of delicacies in Scandinavia.

Innovative character

Just like Deldiche, Ridderheims stands for innovation and development of new trends and products. A combination that leads to great creations and delicious delicacies.

Serving tips of Ridderheims

  • Use the delicious oil that comes Ridderheims’ products as cooking oil or a marinade for your salads!
  • Cut a hot potato open, top it with a spoonful of cheese cream and finish with Ridderheims Sweety Drops chili.

Discover the vast assortment of Ridderheims

Natural Pomamore, king olives, artichokes, ... in short: everything to turn your appetizer or dish into a wonderful creation.