A tasteful selection of the best Mediterranean cold cut producers.

Cold Cuts

From a traditional Parma Slega ham to a Cacciatore from Negroni; all the way to Spain for an authentic Serrano to a Morcon Iberico Bellota.

Serving tips from Deldiche

  • Try our houmous with raw vegetables: healthy and delicious!
  • Serve the houmous on bruschetta. These are delicious Italian crackers. Garnish with slices of cucumber, dried tomatoes and black olives.

Discover our qualitative cold cuts

The roots of Deldiche can be found in its delicious assortment of cold cut meat.

Parma Slega

The leading ham from Parma. With an exceptionally soft and low-salt taste, this is worthy of its crown.

Parma Slega Pera

For the Italians the only true form a Parma should be. Matured 18 months. Only deboned, not agglomerated.

Prosciutto di San Daniele Italsalumi

A P.D.O. quality ham which may only be produced in Friuli, Venezia and Giulia - hilly region around the town of San Daniele. Top quality and tradition.

Culatello di Zibello Italsalumi

The emperor of Italian charcuterie. Aged with care and patience in the cellars of Zibello.

Arista al forno Italsalumi

Spiced roast from the "forno" (oven) with fresh herbs such as rosemary, fennel and thyme.

Magnifico al prosciutto Italsalumi

Skinny tasteful salami produced with the meat of prosciutto, fine texture and flat shape. The Magnifico is also popularly known as the "Parma Salami".

Salami Abruzzese Italsalumi

Italian salami with pepper balls in a smaller format. Ideal as a side for your app. 100% pure pork meat.

Salami Bocconcini Italsalumi

A dozen mini pure pork salamis in natural casings. The mini version of the Cacciatore.

Pedro Nieto Jamon Ibérico with leg

Dried Ibérico ham leg. Its soft quality is due to the vegetable oil from the acorn diet the pigs receive. (matured 24 or 36 months)

Pedro Nieto Jamon Ibérico boneless

Whole boneless hams from the Iberian pig, dried for at least 24 months.

Pedro Nieto chorizo Iberico Bellota

Soft air-dried pork salami 100% Bellota, slightly spicy due to pimento. (Typical Spanish paprika powder)

Pedro Nieto morcon Iberico Bellota

The first ever chorizo in bullet format, produced with only the best Iberico Bellota meat.

Valent Serrano with leg

Serrano produced with the best raw materials. matured for at least 12 months. Approved by the official Serrano Fundaçion (Serrano Foundation).

Valent Serrano Gold V-cut 18 months

Serrano produced with the best raw materials. Matured at least 18 months.

Valent Fuet

Typical dried Spanish salami, 100% dried pork meat in natural intestine.

Valent Spicy Chorizo

The smaller, spicier version of the chorizo extra, U-shaped.