About us

Food is the foundation of Deldiche - delicacies that can be enjoyed throughout Europe. We take care of both the production and the distribution of tasty delicacies, and thereby we reach the hearts and plates of many different customers through our distribution to major retailers, food services and delicatessens.


What we do

At Deldiche, we look after the delivery of tasty delicacies. Our purpose is woven into the name of Deldiche, and we are proud to maintain this. We mainly prepare fresh humus, pesto, tapenades, and Deli dips and spreads that are loved by all our partners and their customers. In addition, we also import delicacies from all over Europe, and deliver them to some of the best delicatessens in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Our story

Deldiche was founded in 1990, born from a passion for food and delicacies. Deldiche soon became the prime brand name in Belgium that discovered the concept and the market of Mediterranean delicacies - olives, sun-dried tomatoes, etc. A decade later, our production sector was founded under the name of Charling, derived from the name of the founder’s daughter, Charlotte, and Christer Elfving, a well-known Swedish chef in Belgium. Deldiche rapidly developed into one of the largest producers for leading retailers in Belgium. The work of the founder was continued by his son and daughter, with the passion and love for delicacies being maintained by the high quality of our production and delivery.


Nutrition: A kind of art

Deldiche distinguishes itself from its competitors through its unique philosophy and the passion for what we do. For us, food is more than just a mix of ingredients to prepare something nice. We regard both food and the way it is prepared as an art form. We are therefore particularly fortunate with our position, and use it to create innovations and concepts that can be enjoyed enormously because of their sheer delight and commercial success.


Our mission :

As a company, we have a clear mission: “ Tirelessly searching for and commercializing new trends in the market so that our customers can differentiate themselves in an innovative way.”

A Deldiche product is therefore a dream product for every culinary artist, helping him or her to create a delicious masterpiece! Because cooking is like painting with ingredients … Our drive to make a difference from the “others” in terms of quality lies at the basis of the logical evolution that the company has experienced. A passion for the development and production of new concepts, our targeted conceptual mindset and the transfer of a wealth of information are key words for us in ensuring a delightful and honest cooperation with our customers.


We are proud of the name Deldiche, a brand that loves food in more than one way.